Injection Moulding Machine

Injection Mould Machines in India

We are appreciated for offering Injection Mould Machines in India. These are produced with the help of top-notch methods and are able of holding Mould in both a straight or upright position. These are tested on various parameters to satisfy customers’ demands. These Injection Mould Machines help in energy-saving through equaling the pump making force and flow, along with the pressure and flow of the working machines. The energy-saving injection machines managed with the help of the unsteady displacement pressure to use the closed-loop variable stroke pump. During the performance of the system, the function of the internal strength of the force and the area sensor is to keep on taking the exposure identification and review, besides with the product pressure and movement.

Pams Industries is a leading provider of Injection Mould Machines in India. Safety, Service & Special on delivering are the important support of our business. Some of our modern & well-sought offer products are Injection Mould Machines. Total our products are supported by strong recognition, pre-sales and after-sales support. We greet you to join the big community of happy client serviced by us.

Features Injection Mould Machines:

  • Capacity: from 50 T to 2500 T clamping force.
  • PLC or Microprocessor control systems, high output and fast cycle production.
  • Energy-saving hydraulic reduces operating cost to the minimum.
  • An operation is highly user-friendly.
  • ISO 9001″ and “CE” certified machines.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Noise-free operation.
  • Need minimum maintenance.
  • Mould Height Adjustment With Gear Mechanism To Reduce Mould Setting Time.
  • Case Hardened Toggle, Brackets, Links With Hardened Pin & Bush.
  • Hydraulic Ejector With Multi-Stroke.
  • Cold Start Screw Prevention.
  • Mould Safety.
  • Sturdy Injection Unit.
  • Large platen size.
  • Nitrided Hardened Screw & Barrel.
  • Toggle Type & Direct clamping.
  • With Servo or without servo Drive.
  • With Accumulator or without Accumulator.

We are determined to provide high-quality products and services and to reach client happiness. For this design, we are strengthened by our company of deeply dedicated and educated experts. We aim at developing strong relationships with our customers. Since there is forever an opportunity for growth, we forever improve all our products using advanced technologies.

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