Grinders and Granulators Manufacturer in India

What others may think about the top notch, we think about standard. Contrast some other Grinders and Granulators and a Pams Industries and the thing that matters is self-evident. We are a leading Grinders and Granulators Manufacturer in India, take extraordinary pride in structuring and assembling to a higher standard, and to suit your necessities. Simply, this is the manner by which we give hardware that works the manner in which it’s intended to work.

Pams Industries has created imaginative highlights that have now turned into the standard in Grinders and Granulators structures through the business. Our aptitude is recognizing and refining components for expanded throughput and proficiency have persistently furnished our customers with hardware that meets, as well as outperforms desires.

When structuring a Grinders and Granulators we utilize only the best of line review steel, this makes the machine progressively tough and sturdy. Our architects structure a granulator, which is then worked as a model, we at that point test the Grinders and Granulators with each material we can.

We think over every one of the outcomes and enhance the Grinders and Granulators in like manner, this test and redesign cycle proceeds until the point that we are totally happy with the outcome. The final product is a strong, proficient, reasonable and brisk Grinders and Granulators that can procedure any material.

All aspects of the machine are intended to convey the most ideal outcomes.

The cutting chamber is a rock solid one-piece weldment, making it inflexible, smooth and simple to clean. It is additionally accessible in non-distracting feed, tempered steel, scraped spot safe, and has a possibility for water-cooled cutting chambers .

Grinders and Granulators:

  • Specially designed for products like injection, Blow, Films, Pet Preforms, Bottles, Pipes & Profiles and Mono-Filaments.
  • Double Jacketed hopper to reducing noise.
  • Specially designed low noise granulator.
  • A specially developed water-cooling system in the side cutting chamber.

Tumbling Dry Colour Mixer:

  • Capacity: 25kgs onwards/ Batch: up to 300kgs/batch.
  • The single or Double vessel made of stainless steel.

Plastic Film Agglomerator:

  • To convert film scrap of LDPE/HDPE/HM/PP/BOPP/TAPES and Raffia.
  • With pneumatic discharge valve and the exhaust blower system


  • Slow Speed Granulator
  • Medium Speed Granulator
  • Screenless Granulator
  • Sound Proof Central Granulator
  • Sound Roll-feed Granulator

The is manufactured using hardcore steel; it has twofold scissor cutting action on the Pams Industries and bed edges. This guarantees positive cutting with least fines, and lower torque necessities. The sharp edges are additionally miniaturized scale movable taking into account a customizable size of scrap. The open our configuration enables air to go through we meaning it won’t overheat and will be progressively productive.

The bases for the majority of our machines are built and fortified utilizing overwhelming evaluation steel. The steel boards are likewise solidly protected to deliver insignificant clamour when the machine is being used.

The container has a twofold divider development making the Grinders and Granulators increasingly solid. The container is likewise connected utilizing two single turn focuses, along these lines its simple to have full access to the machine from both the front and best.

Our offer Grinders and Granulators Manufacturer in India, and processors are altogether arranged and wonderfully developed. This outcome in a machine that will dependably take care of business and last you years longer than some other contender outward there.

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