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Pet Bottle Moulds Manufacturer in India

We are an amongst Pet Bottle Moulds Manufacturer in India with a full range of high quality and very reliable competitive price. These are widely used in the manufacturing of bottles, jars, water bottles and other similar products. The services of qualified professionals and use of innovative technology in its production allow our moulds to have greater strength and service life and better our customers bring out a greater range of end products. Advantage on our business expertise, we can offer our customers with Pet Bottle Moulds as per their special demands on the parameters of shapes and dimensions.

Our Pet Bottle Moulds are very helpful in making of pet bottles, mineral liquid jars, 2 litres to 25 litres pots, oil bottles, element bottles, packaged drinking water, preparing chemical.

Known as Pet Bottle Moulds Manufacturer in India and We use the best designing software and advance technology processing for the Pet Bottle Moulds. The Moulds is manufactured of stainless steel or aluminium which gives the bottle with the polishing cover and clear-cut pattern. With a water flow device, it cut the shaping time of bottle and ensures the quality.

The benefits of aluminium: Good range of heat release, and lightweight speed up the mould processing. The right cooling method developed the quality.

The advantages of SS: The Nice capacity of corrosion test grips running of the channel under the hard place, good polishing improves the surface of the moulds.


  • Great performance
  • Great lasting
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Simple to install and Use
  • Strong construction
  • Made of high-grade quality steel with fit cooling systems.
  • Diamond- bright hard chrome plated and sandblasted.
  • Completely automatic, fast product, multi-cavity moulds.


  • The product is strong, and its service life can give extra than one number thousand times.
  • Product with the properties of great temperature resistant and antioxidant etc.
  • Fill the bottle moulds to use the machine design, by computer digital control processing.
  • Our Pet Bottle Moulds is made of stainless steel or copper which performs bottle with the polishing facade and clear-cut mould.
  • The benefit of stainless steel: the nice ability of corrosion proof stay working of the watercourse under a hard time.

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